To Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament,….

To Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament,

and the international press

ANNOUNCEMENT from the Human Rights Defense Group HELSINKI-86

HELSINKI- 86 is accusing the leadership of the European Union of genocide against the Latvian ethnos – the Latvian people. Latvia, since joining the European Union, has suffered greater loss than during its years under the Communist or Nazi occupations. Neither of these hellish regimes has managed to commit as many crimes agains the Latvian state and Latvian people, as the politicians in Brussels representing the EU. Latvian manufacturing, agriculture, shipping and fishing industries, medicine and education have been completely destroyed. As a result of the criminal activities of the EU, more than a half of Latvian working population have left the country. All of this can be described in one word –


With the knowledge and support of the leading politicians of the EU, after the ending of the occupation of the Republic of Latvia, the deoccupation process deliniated by the international conventions was not completed. The repressive organs of the occupying power remained in place and commenced their work against the Latvian people and state, therefore against the EU.

HELSINKI- 86 has informed Martin Schulz & Co and Jose Manuel Borroso & Co on this matter, however we have not received their response. It is possible that their reply came in the form of the bloody and violent arrest of the group member L. Grantiņš in 2015, Latvia.

Latvia has gangs of KGB murderers operating in its territory, murdering Latvian patriots and supporters of democracy. The opposition are tortured and murdered in Latvia by means of psychotronic and psychotropic weaponry. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the repressive agents remaining in the country, as well as puppet governments put in place by these oppressive forces, have murdered a significant number of Latvian citizens. There is no doubt that this can only be achieved with the knowledge and support from the leading figures in the European Union. The Latvian nation is now at its worst living conditions since the entry of the USSR criminals in 1940 and the occupation. It is paradoxical that Latvians lived better under the regime of the German Nazi occupation than in its modern state. The level of social care during the Nazi occupation was higher, which can only mean that today’s situation must be described with the most horrific of words – GENOCIDE. The current birth rates are the lowest in our nation’s history. Is it not absurd, that in one of the EU member states – Latvia – child support is of the amount of two packs of cigarettes?

Martin Schulz and Jose Manuel Borroso are the most destructive forces of the EU and nothing but provocateurs. The exit of the UK from the EU is undeniable proof of this.

Mr Antonio Tajani, it is your duty to review the case of the Republic of Latvia as a case of priority! Please consider restoring all that was robbed from the Latvian nation after the collapse of the Soviet Union, opening the secret archives of KGB agents and proceeding with decolonization a priority! We invite you to hand the EU politicians commiting acts of provocation against Latvia, therefore the European Union, over to the Hague Tribunal

The Latvian Human Rights Defense Group HELSINKI-86 (Linards Grantiņš, Jānis Zīverts, Imants Aparnieks, Valdis Freimantāls, Osvalds Migla)


24.02.18     L. Grantins LRTT & H- 86

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