Wiederholte Bitte an die Tschechische Regierung

Die Menschenrechtsgruppe Lettlands Helsinki 86 (L.Grantins@hotmail.de) richtet sich wiederholt an die Regierung Tschechiens mit der Bitte, den Herrn Ansis Ataols Berzins nicht zur Auslieferung an Lettland frei zu geben.

In Lettland herrscht eine kommunistische- nazistische Bande den Genozid am lettischen Etnos begeht. Wenn Sie die Auslieferung freigeben, dann unterstützen Sie aktiv diejenigen, die in Lettland bis ins Jahr 1989 regiert haben.

Hier ist der Beweis, dass in Lettland die kommunistische Verbrecherbande regiert (KGB-Kommunisten), über die auch der von ihnen umgebrachten Professor für Geschichte, Indulis Ronis, geredet hat:

To: the Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon,

and the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz

From: Latvian Human Rights Defense Group Helsinki-86 founder and leader Linards Grantiņš, and Dr. habil. hist. Indulis Ronis

Meeting Request Letter

For your attention:

Society can evolve normally, provided that it is based on a constitution and internationally developed and enforced Laws. In the case of Latvia, both of the aforementioned preconditions have been unlawfully ignored. Therefore, this case must be subject to proceedings in the International Tribunal, and persons responsible for committing and encouraging this crime must be prosecuted. The punishment must be tough and sound, in order to serve as a future warning.

At its current state, Latvia may not be considered a country, in the traditional sense of the word. Latvia is a miniature version of Putin’s Russia, ruled by a mafia consisting of former KGB agents and parasitic elements of the communist system. Latvia is used by Putin’s criminal gang as a Trojan horse, both inside the NATO, and the EU.

Latvian Human Rights Defense Group Helsinki-86 has multiple times informed UN and the EU about the fact that within the Republic of Latvia a horrifying genocide against its people is being carried out. Neither the EU, nor the UN have seen it to be their duty to provide any response to the Helsinki-86 group. The Latvian Human Rights Defense Group Helsinki-86 has also informed the EU and the UN that Latvia is host to a strategic centre of international terrorism completely controlled by the criminal regime of Putin’s Russia, and that Latvia is now at the mercy of Red Nazi murderers. The Latvian researcher of Nazi and Communist crimes, Indulis Ronis, has extensively written, and informed the EU and several EU member states individually, about these matters. Both Linards Grantiņš, and Indulis Ronis, currently (2016), are being persecuted by the Red Nazi regime with unimaginable brutality – several assassination attempts have occurred. We shall take the stand and witness to the unlawful actions taken against us (L.Grantiņš, I. Ronis) in front of the Hague Tribunal (following the example of the Nuremberg trials) which should be the appropriate measure since the crimes against the Latvian people commuted by the Communist regime are more horrific than those of Nazi Germany.

The Helsinki- 86 group has prepared detailed information for international institutions which can be assessed (in English, German and Latvian) online at www.tautastribunals.eu (Documents section). Nonetheless, we would  now like to introduce some questions which Helsinki- 86 founder Linards Grantiņš and hist. prof. Indulis Ronis would wish to discuss upon meeting the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, and the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, hoping to hear the opinions of the representatives of the two of the world’s most powerful organizations.

>Why, and under whose direction, after the dissolution of the USSR, was the rule of law not restored in Latvia?

>Why weren’t the rules of Geneva Convention of 1949, which determines the necessary course of action following an occupation, complied with?

>Upon whose order was Latvia left under the supervision of the unlawful Communist party of the occupying regime along with its complete team of murderous KGB workers, now known as the Security Police of “democratic” Latvia?

In the end of this letter, you may learn the names of these assassins of humanity, who continue to murder and steal up until this day, protected by representatives of an “unknown” state.

This KGB gang, operating in Latvia, takes part in coordinating and organizing international terror attacks.

This gang possesses psychotronic weapons developed in Latvia, used to treat terrorists.

The Helsinki- 86 founder and leader Linards Grantiņš was forced to suffer the effects of such weapons first hand in 2015 when, upon visiting his old and infirm mother during vacation, he was brutally arrested, beaten, covered with blood and with broken bones was locked to a vehicle with double handcuffs, and transported to Riga for three hours, thrown into a cell, left without the necessary medical attention, and treated with psychotronic and possibly chemical and radioactive materials to induce suicide. The events described did not take place during Hitler’s or Stalin’s rule, but today – during Martin Schulz’s and Ban Ki-moon’s time! L. Grantiņš has the necessary evidence to support his claims, and the researcher of Nazi and Communist crimes, Dr. habil. his. Indulis Ronis also can attest to such accounts – two years ago, the KGB gang of the “independent” Latvia, now known as the Security Police of the Republic of Latvia, attacked him and cut his arteries, an event he miraculously survived.

>Helsinki- 86 group has informed the EU and the UN that numerous criminals left in power in Latvia – all the communists and KGB agents, who had to be arrested and tried for genocide against the Latvian people after the dissolution of USSR – have become millionaires by stealing from the state and its people.

Why has the EU and the UN not reacted to these reports?

You, mister Schulz and mister Ki-moon, ought to explain, not only to the Latvian people, but to the rest of the world, why, after the dissolution of the USSR, your institutions have allowed communists and KGB murderers to completely destroy one of the most industrially and agriculturally developed republics in Europe, namely Latvia, and drive its people out of their motherland?

Dear sirs, anyone who has partaken in (or knowingly ignored) the genocide of the 21st century against the Latvian people, must end up in the Hague Tribunal.

Latvia is the only European country which still has not revealed the list of its KGB secret workers or the names of informants. That is because it is hiding the crimes of KGB committed in the name of the Latvian resistance movement. Soviet KGB agents were put into German uniforms, with Latvian flag patches sewn onto them, and ordered to murdered civilians in Belarus and other places including Latvia during the post-war years.

Both then and now, KGB has been tied to human trafficking and illegal drug trade. The Latvian KGB archives are covering unthinkable crimes not only against the Latvian people, but humanity on a whole. Networks created by KGB are still fully operating!

All Latvian representatives in the EU are KGB selected informants and people known to have acted unlawfully against the Latvian state and its people.

No people hold those positions by accident.

Once, member of the EU Parliament, Roberts Zīle, announced openly to the Latvian press: “The important EU matters are always discussed behind closed doors where common people will never be allowed.”

Please explain, mister Schulz, these democratic “exceptions”, and how is this situation compatible with democracy? What rights do the representatives of the European Commission have to speak in my name and in the name of my people? Not a single country has given YOU the mandate to change the ethnic composition of EU member states. Those who practice these unlawful policies are the destroyers of the EU and promoters of international conflicts, and they must sooner or later be held responsible in front of the international criminal court.

Who are those immortals authorised to decide on the most important matters behind this mysterious door, and what are these important matters?

These are some of the questions, not only the Latvian people, but all EU nations want to know the answers to.

The EU has permitted crimes endlessly more grave against Latvians and the Republic of Latvia than  those of Hitler and Stalin taken together! All public bodies in Latvia have been completely destroyed, except the Security Police.

The Latvian Human Rights Defense Group Helsinki-86, and the Latvian people are demanding from the UN and the EU to take all necessary actions in order to suspend sovereignty of the Republic of Latvia until an investigation into the Red Nazi crimes is performed under surveillance of international experts, the power is removed from the hands of criminals, and they are tried – in other words, until the necessary measures stipulated in the 1949 Geneva Convention are imposed against the occupying power and collaborationists.

The EU and the UN have a duty to make sure that all property unlawfully taken away from the Latvian people and their state is returned.

The fact that Latvia has been “ripped off”, is approved by many experts, including Michael Hudson, Wall Street analyst and research professor of economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City, who has been advising several world and UN leaders.

We sincerely hope to be granted a formal meeting with you, in order to look into this crime against the Latvian nation, and humanity in general, on an international level.

In conclusion, you may read the names of the criminals working for the Latvian section of KGB, and fully controlling today’s Euro-Latvia. A case in point – could anyone in their right mind imagine that after the war, the Security Service of the Federal Republic of Germany could be led by a gang of Hitler’s SD criminals? And it should be emphasised that Hitler’s Sicherheit Dienst was less corrupt than KGB.

How the EU and the UN will be able to find these facts complying with democracy, mister Schulz and mister Ki-moon, shall be left for your consciousness to resolve.

The central apparatus of the Latvian KGB/VDK, today governing in Latvia:

Juris Ābeltiņš E. -Boriss Afanasjevs A. -Irina Aksjonova G. -Aleksandrs Aleksejevs E.-Vasilijs Aleksejevs P.-Jurijs Aleksejevs N.-Jeļena Aleksejeva A.-Sergejs Ameļkovičs S.-Jurijs Anaņjevs V.-Anatolijs Andrusovs G.-Anatols Ancāns S.-Roberts Anspaks I.-Aleksandrs Antonovs A.-Nikolajs Antonovs N.-Aleksandrs Artjomovs A.-Viktors Artemjevs A.

Rita Babikova O.-Vladimirs Babkins N.-Vladimirs Bakalo V.-Aleksejs Bakanovs V.-Valentīns Bakanovs D.-Nikolajs Baranovs D.-Ivans Bartušs M.-Gaļina Baskova A.-Antons Batigins B.-Gunārs Baubels J.-Juris Bebrišs J.-Ilmārs Bērziņš E.-Elmārs Bērziņš K.-Steponas Bernotas J.-Nikolajs Beršadskis G.-Pāvels Bitenieks E.-Gaļina Bļinova K.-Armands Bobrovskis J.-Broņislavs Bočerenoks A.-Mihails Bogdanovs J.-Vladimirs Bokmanis J.-Vladimirs Bondarenko A.-Jevgeņijs Bortņikovs V.-Staņislavs Bravackis B.-Pjotrs Bubenčikovs I.-Anatolijs Bubņevičs V.-Tatjana Buļa I.-Gaļina Burakoveca A.-Jurijs Burihins P.-Raisa Burihina A.

Boriss Cibuļskis M.-Pēteris Cīrulis (Pjotrs Ciruļs) J.-Sergejs Čerkasovs E.-Jurijs Červinskis J.-Alla Čistova A.

Jurijs Deičmans V.-Voldemārs Dembovskis J.-Anatolijs Demidovs J.-Valentīns Demidovs S.-Georgijs Dmitrijevs K.-Nikolajs Dmitrijevs I.-Aleksandra Dmitrijeva I.-Ņina Dmitrijeva A.-Gaļina Dobreņkova P.-Staņislavs Dolžņikovs I.-Aivars Dombrovskis I.-Vladimirs Doroškevičs J.-Imants Dravenieks O.-Jānis Drazdovskis J.-Māris Dreijers M.-Vladimirs Dubrovins P.-Andris Dudelis E.

Vladislavs Esalnieks R.

Klavdija Farhetdinova F.-Andrejs Fatejevs V.-Jurijs Fedins A.-Lilija Fiļipova M.-Anatolijs Fjodorovs V.-Roberts Francis J.-Leonīds Franko P.-Vjačeslavs Fridrihsons R.

Marija Gabrisjuka M.-Andrejs Gailis J.-Leons Gailišs A.-Jurijs Gavriļenko N.-Tamāra Gainutdinova A.-Sergejs Generalovs S.-Jurijs Gimburževskis N.-Vladimirs Gladkovs L.-Ivans Golubcovs S.-Valentīna Golubkova A.-Valērijs Gorohovs A.-Jūlijs Gorškovs G.-Viktors Goševs S.-Jurijs Grabovojs J.-Anna Grāmatiņa A.-Vladimirs Grančenko I.-Arnis Graudiņš D.-Vanda Griba J.-Valerijs Gribkovs V.-Boriss Gributs A.-Aleksejs Grigorjevs I.-Anatolijs Grigorjevs G.-Jevgeņijs Grigorjevs P.-Jānis Grīnbergs A.-Nadežda Griņova F.-Valerijs Griščenko V.-Gaļina Grjaņņika V.-Valerijs Grona N.-Jāzeps Guds A.-Ceronis Gudakovskis S.-Edgars Gumskis O.-Jurijs Guščins V.

Aleksandrs Hamzovs V.-Vladimirs Hamzovs V.-Tamāra Harlamova I.-Igors Haustovs K.-Zigurds Hāzenfūss O.

Guntis Indriksons V.-Larisa Isajenko P.-Anna Istrapilova P.-Aleksandrs Iščenko N.-Boriss Ivanovs A.-Jurijs Ivanovs D.-Vasilijs Ivanovs T.-Jekaterina Ivčenko V.

Anatolijs Jakovļevs G.-Jevgeņijs Jakovļevs G.-Marija Jaņina P.-Nikolajs Jarohs A.-Vladimirs Jasjukevičs A.-Modris Jaunzems A.-Tatjana Jefremova A.-Vladimirs Jegorovs A.-Arnolds Jemašovs S.-Vjačeslavs Jerjomenko N.-Jurijs Jeršovs A.-Edmunds Johansons V.-Arnis Jumītis J.-Jurijs Jurkovs V.-Jurijs Jurkovs R.

Aleksandrs Kabaškins V.-Valerijs Kabašnijs I.-Mihails Kačalovs D.-Jurijs Kačnovs A.-Leons Kalinka G.-Normunds Kalniņš J.-Juris Kalniņš K.-Vasilijs Kaļistratovs S.-Vilnis Kārkliņš E.-Zigmunds Kārkliņš M.-Kārlis Kārkliņš J.-Boriss Karpičkovs A.-Igors Kasimovs V.-Jevgēņijs Kaupužs J.-Uģis Kaucis A.-Aleksandrs Kazačkovs I.-Jurijs Kirillovs M.-Ivans Kliguļs V.-Aleksandrs Kļimovs J.-Viesturs Kociņš K.-Jevgeņijs Kočergins V.-Jurijs Kočkins V.-Vladimirs Komogorcevs A.-Pāvels Kondratjevs V.-Pāvels Korņevs I.-Aleksandrs Korobenko A.-Aleksandrs Koroļenko S.-Dmitrijs Kosse M.-Genādijs Kostins F.-Marina Kostjučenko F.-Sergejs Kostjuks K.-Nikolajs Kovaļovs P.-Leonīds Kovaļenko A.-Jurijs Kovtuns V.-Vera Kozlova N.-Jurijs Krasjuks S.-Viktors Kravcuns I.-Valerijs Kravčenko M.-Jānis Kukainis P.-Roberts Kukurītis A.-Aleksandrs Kuļikovs A.-Viktors Kuļikovs N.-Mihails Kuļiņičs S.-Jevgeņijs Kuļčihins V.-Vladimirs Kuļukins P.-Valerijs Kudrjašovs V.-Viktors Kuzjaks V.-Aleksandrs Kuzņecovs J.-Jevgeņijs Kuzņecovs F.

Viktors Lahins I.-Vladimirs Landišs J.-Jānis Lapiņš J.-Jānis (Jans) Larionovs A.-Ļudmila Latiševa I.-Vasilijs Lauta T.-Jurijs Lavrentjevs A.-Vilnis Leinarts A.-Valdis Leismanis A.-Ivans Loginovs P.-Nikolajs Lomakins S.-Ņina Lomako G.-Viktors Lopajevs A.-Nikolajs Lucevičs N.-Rūdolfs Lukins A.-Jurijs Lukins R.-Vasilijs Lušakovs P.-Ivans Luščiks L.-Anatolijs Ļebedevs N.-Igors Ļebedevs A.-Vladimirs Ļeonovs V.-Igors Ļepjoškins P.-Jevgeņijs Ļevskojs I.-Anna Ļiņučeva I.

Valerijs Makarovs P.-Larisa Makarova A.-Ivars Mālnieks J.-Dmitrijs Malihs J.-Anatolijs Maļins V.-Zinaīda Maļinovska S.-Vladimirs Mamkins I.-Vladimirs Maruščaks L.-Rita Mariševa K.-Vasilijs Maslobojevs M.-Sergejs Mašonkins I.-Oļegs Matajevs V.-Arvils Mazais P.-Sergejs Medko P.-Genādijs Melnis J.-Voldemārs Meļņikovs M.-Aleksandrs Merkulovs B.-Leonīds Mihejevs K.-Vladislavs Mihļukovs V.-Jeļena Millere J.-Juris Miļevskis G.-Viktors Minajevs G.-Valērijs Mironovs V.-Valerijs Morozs V.-Sergejs Muhins V.

Andris Nadziņš J.-Imants Naļivaiko J.-Vladimirs Nasačs J.-Aleksejs Nazarovs G.-Mārtiņš Neilands A.-Juris Novožilovs V.-Tagirs Nurlatovs Z.-Anatolijs Ņevara A.-Nikolajs Ņevickis A.-Alberts Ņikiforovičs E.-Iļja Ņikuļins F.

Laimonis Oliņš J.-Jānis Onckulis S.-Nikolajs Oņiščenko I.-Olga Orlova G.-Olga Osnovska G.-Jevgeņijs Ostapenko V.-Genovefa Ozola J.-Ojārs Ozols J.

Viktors Paršins V.-Emīlija Pastore A.-Oļegs Patrejevs P.-Sergejs Pavļenko A.-Aleksandrs Pečonkins J.-Lilija Pečonkina A.-Anatolijs Peličs N.-Valerijs Perevozenko P.-Jurijs Perfilovs N.-Jurijs Peršakovs V.-Olga Petrova I.-Tatjana Petrova I.-Jurijs Petruševs N.-Viktors Petuško M.-Aldis Plaudis O.-Aivars Plaviņš A.-Jurijs Podļesnijs P.-Igors Pokrovskis K.-Igors Poļianovičs V.-Igors Popadins F.-Aleksejs Potapovs V.-Daniels Potašs S.-Igors Prazdnovs A.-Jurijs Provorovs N.-Vladimirs Protasenko P.-Gunārs Pudels J.-Vadims Pugo B.-Ligita Puķīte S.-Arvils Pūris O.-Ivans Putjmakovs A.

Jurijs Radionovs A.-Eduards Ragels A.-Valentīna Rahmaņina S.-Anatolijs Rancāns S.-Marina Rasponina N.-Tatjana Razguļajeva N.-Maksims Redjkins N.-Arnolds Revalds V.-Jānis Ritenieks R.-Jevgeņijs Roldugins P.-Raisa Roldugina D.-Raisa Romanova V.-Valerijs Romanovs N.-Aleksandrs Rossado N.-Tatjana Rudāne I.-Valērijs Rudāns T.-Edmunds Rudzis S.-Gunārs Rudzītis J.-Viktors Rukins K.-Vladimirs Rundāns L.-Alla Rupiševa I.

Ēriks Sakss O.-Pjotrs Salmanovs A.-Mihails Sarana A.-Veniamins Sarofanovs P.-Miervaldis Saša-Zaša V.-Arnolds Saukums A.-Anatolijs Saveļjevs I.-Anatolijs Savenkovs S.-Larisa Savicka S.-Juris Savickis J.-Valerijs Sediševs M.-Aleksandrs Seļivanovs T.-Vladimirs Seļivanovs N.-Svetlana Seļikova A.-Vladislavs Seļickis S.-Poļina Seļavina K.-Vladislavs Senkāns K.-Jurijs Sergejevs M.-Jurijs Sergejevs F.-Lidija Sergejeva M.-Aleksandrs Serguņins V.-Marija Sidorova I.-Leona Siliņa L.-Arvīds Silovs A.-Vladislavs Silovs E.-Vladimirs Siļutins F.-Valerijs Simonovs G.-Aleksandrs Siņiļņikovs S.-Ivans Sipļivijs V.-Genadijs Sitiks I.-Viktors Skrebels V.-Harijs Skujiņš J.-Voldemārs Smirnovs I.-Jānis Smirnovs J.-Svetlana Smoļakova P.-Ija Soboļeva V.-Pjotrs Soboļevs V.-Sergejs Soboļevs P.-Georgijs Sofijčuks V.-Aleksandrs Sokolovs B.-Jurijs Sokolovs V.-Valerijs Solovjovs G.-Žanna Solovjova V.-Leons Soms V.-Alla Sorokina G.-Vladimirs Sorokovojs D.-Eduards Sparinskis P.-Jurijs Sproģis J.-Pēteris Stabulnieks A.-Aleksandrs Stepanovs P.-Aleksandrs Stepanovs S.-Jānis Stikāns V.-Andris Strautiņš F.-Andris Strautmanis F.-Ilmārs Strazds J.-Valdis Stupāns J.-Andrejs Sundukovs V.-Iļja Sušickis A.-Jurijs Svetozarskis G.

Vjačeslavs Šabanovs M.-Jurijs (Juris) Šabašovs V.-Genadijs Šafrans E.-Jurijs Šalajevs N.-Viktors Šarapovs I.-Valerijs Šarenkins V.-Genadijs Ščadins S.-Aleksandrs Ščeguļnijs D.-Aleksandrs Ščelkunovs S.-Vladimirs Ševcovs N.-Ivans Ševčenko P.-Boriss Šeludjakovs A.-Valentīna Šeršņeva M.-Jevgeņijs Ševirevs G.-Sergejs Šibkihs I.-Jurijs Šilkovs I.-Valerijs Šilovskis F.-Jurijs Šinkarovs N.-Staņislavs Škapars V.-Ivars Šneiders J.-Mihails Šumilovs J.

Jurijs Tarasjuks A.-Igors Tarvids J.-Jurijs Testovs V.-Ādolfs Timčenko N.-Vladimirs Tjagunovs V.-Jevgeņijs Tkačovs U.-Janīna Tomašūna A.-Voldemārs Trofimovs I.-Jānis Trubiņš J.-Nataļja Trumma I.-Valdis Tučs D.-Lidija Tufjakova F.-Irina Tumanova T.-Viktors Tumarevs A.-Genadijs Turks F.

Andris Ulmanis J.-Dmitrijs Uļjanovs I.-Alberts Upenieks J.-Lidija Usenko S.-Vsevolods Ustinovičs I.-Zoja Uščenko L.-Vladimirs Utkins V.

Roza Vakuļenko V.


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5 komentāru

  1. Inese Medne saka:

    Kāda cilvēka komentārs man:
    (atvainojos, ka angłu valodā)

    Windfield Scott
    I sure hope Latvia can become free from Russian oppression. I hope the Russian people conquer the Russian government and govern themselves in the future . Im sorry to say the United states is about to explode into civil unrest. I’m afraid we can’t help you. The certainty of our nation is being compromised,and our constitution is under attack from right wing confederate Nazi Putin dick sucking traitors. And you certainly will not receive help from Fox news. This network enables fascism,incites violence and racial hatred and is biased. Most Fox viewers didn’t even finish high school, and can’t even put they’re underwear correctly. Good luck to you and your oppressed country.

  2. Inese Medne saka:

    Tas ir vienkāršs cilvēks, kurš youtube man deva atbildi attiecībā uz šo Helsinki 86 zińojumu. Kaut arī Windfield Scott (nedomāju, ka tas ir vińa īstais vārds, uzvārds)nedomā, ka ASV mums varētu palīdzēt, es tomēr esmu un palikšu labās domās par prezidentu Donald Trump un naivi uzskatu, ka ASV ir valsts kurai palīdzību prasīt.

  3. Valdis Freimantāls saka:

    Pievienojos Inesei Mednei un uzskatu ASV par mūsu cerību!

    ASV prezidents Tramps saprot, ka Latvijas komunistu un čekistu valdība ir pretlatviska un pretamerikāniska!

    Protams, viņi slēpj savu būtību kā var!

    Nekas nav briesmīgāks par sarkano mēri!

    Ansis Ataols Bērziņš ir jāaizstāv ar visiem spēkiem!

  4. araajs saka:

    Nazi Putin dick sucking traitors…
    Perfekts formuleejums.

  5. araajs saka:

    “Nazi Putin dick sucking traitors”.
    Lielisks un preciizs formuleejums!


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